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We serve companies and corporations in the European Economic Area (EEA) and internationally. As an external data protection officer, we are a sought-after partner, especially for the development of international data protection strategies.

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We've been on the data protection scene longer than almost anyone else.

Our legal practive was specialising solely in data protection, eight years before the GDPR came into efffect. Today, through our quality, experience, innovation and leadership, we’ve created enablement for hundreds of corporations worldwide. We break new ground. We find sustainable solutions. We optimize processes and unlock untapped potential. Because often more is possible than the client ever imagined.

The result is innovative, risk-based data protection that creates added value and supports your business goals.

Our clientele consists of companies from all industries and of all sizes – in particular from the manufacturing industry, high-tech, banking and financial services, insurance, health care, and media and telecommunications sectors. We will be happy to provide you with further information on our references upon request or in a personal meeting.

International Data Protection Lawyers

The history of KINAST Attorneys at Law

A legal practice is born
KINAST - Our Company - 2006

Many years ago, long before the GDPR came into effect, we opened our first office on 'Venloer Straße', a well known, bustling city street in Germany's western metropolis of Cologne. At that time, it was mainly IT consultants and system administrators who dealt with data protection. However, it soon became clear that data protection is a legal matter - and so, as lawyers, we began to provide professionally qualified advice in this specialist area and to support a wide variety of companies as external data protection officers.

KINAST - Our Company - GDPR

With the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, data protection had finally arrived in the mainstream. Almost everyone was forced to deal with it, from one-man businesses to large corporations. The need for advice was immense - and there were many new businesses trying their hand at data protection consultation.

Since then, data protection requirements have become increasingly complex and stringent, both nationally and internationally. The issue of compliance is also becoming increasingly important for companies.

Global digitalisation and international data flow
KINAST - Our Company - GDPR

Today, we support national and international clients, assisting them to stay fit for the future in the advancing field of global digitalization. Data protection is no longer just a necessary evil that you want to get rid of as quickly as possible. Companies will become more and more digitalized in the coming years. Being able to use data properly plays an increasingly crucial role and accounts for real competitive advantages.

We also engage in charitable work, create connections at our events and dedicate ourselves to teaching, information and knowledge transfer.

Data Protection

KINAST: Planning for the future

Legal. Innovations. Administration.

In June 2021, with a view to the future developement of our business, brand and services, KINAST Attorneys at Law took the courageous step of an internal restructure. To address the rapid growth of varying legal teams and administrative departments, we created two new sister companies – Kinast Innovations and KINAST Lawyer Services. Since then the three sister companies have continued to work together, and with our clients, in perfect synergy. They also have the freedom to persue their own strategic development and growth for the future. This synergy not only benefits the KINAST Group of companies internally, but also the scope of legal services and products that we can offer our clients.

Our internal structure

Team spirit is part of who we are! Our cooperation is professional, our sincerity and camaraderie unsurpassed. Our diverse team of specialists – each in his or her own field – work side by side to lead our clients to success and make them fit for the future.


Attorneys at Law

Legal consultation and data protection services.



Legal know-how management and tech solutions.


Lawyer Services

Group wide administration and business organization.

Careers in data protection

Join a legal, research or support team at KINAST

We are continually expanding our client portfolio and legal projects, both nationally and internationally. And we’re always looking for talented people who bring a new level of inspiration, ideas and expertise to help drive our company further. As we continue to grow, so too do our teams, constantly being encouraged and supported to do the best work for our clients.

International Data Protection Lawyers

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