Data protection consulting on a European level is primarily aimed at ensuring compliance with the GDPR and applicable local data protection laws to avoid the risk of liability and fines. Therefore, one of the most crucial parts of our work is the thorough and continuous monitoring of international data protection legislation in order to provide you with comprehensive and reliable data protection advice. However, our expertise does not end with the European jurisdiction, we are also data protection experts across worldwide jurisdictions.

Our experienced experts will guide you on how to effectively prevent external attacks and reduce the risk of data misuse. We offer quick and effective data protection advice to help you comply best with GDPR requirements and avoid unnecessary costs associated with regulatory breaches. That way we help you to stay competitive and profitable in a challenging market. We make sure you stay up-to-date with the extensive and complex requirements and comply with data protection regulations.

We believe that detailed knowledge of your industry is a prerequisite for targeted and tailored data protection management solutions. Therefore, depending on the sector, we take into account specific legislation or rules, such as the processing of sensitive data in hospitals and the insurance sector, specific laws for churches or the transfer of data outside Europe.

Our team of experts – lawyers, business lawyers and certified data protection specialists – will support you in all legal and project-related matters. Benefit from our team’s in-depth and long-standing experience. We offer sound advice and work with you to develop a tailored solution that is a clear fit for your business. Thanks to numerous successful projects with international companies of all sizes, we have a global network of experts and a wealth of experience. Trust us and take advantage of our strong and respected brand!

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