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Manufacturing and industry continue to be a key sector of the economy. For this reason, the industry also requires special attention in terms of data protection law, whether in motor vehicles, metal processing or mechanical engineering.

Even if, at first glance, the data does not appear to be as sensitive as, for example, in the health or insurance sector, it is still necessary to be particularly attentive, professional and expert in instructing a data-compliant security system. There are numerous procedures and work processes in which data processing takes place.

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Data Protection for the industrial sector and manufacturing industry

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Data protection in action

It is imperative that industrial companies also check “seemingly” machine processes to determine whether a reference to a person arises or whether personal data is processed. In the case of some machine data, specific location data or identification numbers can help establish a direct link to the person (and his or her working method) who operates the machine. A scrutinizing view of data protection must be taken here. The networking of machines, workers and production sites with information technologies in industry presents a further challenge.

Collection of personal data

Companies should be aware that the use of modern IT, such as cloud solutions or system analytics, can also lead to personal data being collected. The amount of data generated in industrial production is rapidly increasing and with it the opportunities for analysis and evaluation. Companies must therefore check, before using such technologies, whether they are fulfilling their data protection obligations. In particular, transparency of information requirements must be met. Furthermore, they should also consider whether appropriate technical and organizational measures have been taken in order to guarantee data security. This applies both to their own IT structures as well as cloud services of third parties.

Depending on the type of technology and the data used, companies may also need to obtain consent from employees or carry out a data protection impact assessment (DPIA). In addition, companies must ensure that their staff are appropriately trained in order to be able to properly assess personal data in all relevant work situations.

Group Data Protection Officer

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Five steps to full service compliance:

Introduction of your company and KINAST as well as the relevant contact persons. Discussion of the current data protection setup and most important data protection topics.

We conduct data protection audit on-site or based on questionnaires to evaluate the current data protection status of your company.

Document the current data protection status and define further required actions if necessary.

We carry out all necessary measures identified during the data protection audit.

Designation as External data protection officer and on-going consultation starting from day 1.

We are familiar with the legal requirements for the processing of personal data in accordance with GDPR and other relevant regulations. We help you identify risks and develop strategies to address them.

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How our data protection lawyers help clients in the industrial sector

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We implement an effective and professional data protection management system for your manufacturing business (your industry) to ensure data protection.

Furthermore, we provide you with comprehensive advice on relevant data protection topics in the manufacturing industry. Whether as a consultant or as an external data protection officer, we support you in the legally compliant but at the same time practical implementation of data protection requirements.

We also advise you on the selection of suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure data security. For example, we can help you develop a backup strategy that meets your needs in terms of data protection and cost-effectiveness.

Our services also include the implementation of data protection concepts, such as a privacy impact assessment, to ensure compliance with the GDPR. In addition, we advise on data protection requirements for contracts and other documents.

We also provide training for employees so that they can properly carry out their obligations in accordance with data protection laws and regulations.


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Pragmatic, international data protection solutions for the industrial sector and manufacturing industry

We offer a wide range of services to support you in your data protection efforts, including legal advice and compliance audits. Our experienced team of international lawyers is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We look forward to supporting you in providing a streamlined, compliant working environment for your data.

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Regular data protection audits ensure that your business continues to process and store personal data in a manner that’s compliant with ever changing data protection laws.

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