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The business world is full of contractual relationships and dependencies of all kinds, and it’s important to ensure that these are effectively implemented in order to maintain a smooth flow of operations. This is particularly important in the areas of logistics and transport, where large data flows are common due to the everyday nature of business transactions.

From a data protection perspective, it’s important for businesses in this branch to take into account the many questions and challenges that can arise. It has been show mayn times, that those who have professional data protection management in place, can quickly build up competitive advantages, strengthen customer relationships, and acquire new customers. All perfectly within General Data Protection Regulation law.

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Data Protection for the logistics and transport branch

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We have developed numerous mechanisms to safeguard Data Security and Data Protection, taking into account the principles of the GDPR. You keep things moving – we protect your data with our expertise.

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We implement an effective and professional data protection management system for you to ensure data protection and data security. In doing so, we check, for example, which data may be used to what extent so that it may be used for your customer loyalty and bonus systems as well as marketing purposes.

Furthermore, we provide you with comprehensive advice on relevant topics in wholesale and retail, such as video surveillance in stores and logistics centers, consent concepts or questions regarding „in-store tracking“ in stores.

We also clarify for you which data protection information must be provided to customers and other persons affected.

In addition, we can train your personnel in the implementation of data protection regulations and support you in passing data security audits. To accomplish this, we can appropriate a documentation system and perform an internal audit on your behalf. Finally, we can provide you with extensive legal support in the event of data protection complaints or inquiries from a supervisory authority.

Your data protection experts for Logistics & Transport

Full service data protection solutions and legal consultation for the logistics and transport branch

Our team of lawyers, data protection officers and data security experts can support your company in implementing data protection systems in a case-by-case and goal-oriented manner. You benefit here from a high level of professional expertise from a highly specialized law firm as well as the extensive knowledge and qualifications of our legal team.

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Data Protection

Our Lawyers act as External Data Protection Officers (DPO) for small and medium-sized companies, associations, institutions and international corporations.

Data Protection

Working alonside a DPO, our Data Protection Managers help to implement data protection guidelines and ensures orderly and up to date documentation of your GDPR compliance.

Data Protection

Regular data protection audits ensure that your business continues to process and store personal data in a manner that’s compliant with ever changing data protection laws.

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