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In the pharma and research industry, legally compliant handling of personal data has always been a constant and demanding challenge. Working with sensitive data is part and parcel of daily business. In addition to the processing of personnel data, sensitive patient data is especially in the forefront.

Therefore, compliance with legal regulations and guidelines is particularly important since any infringement can have a considerable influence on the reputation of the respective company. For example, incorrect, insufficient or incomplete storage of patient data may result in financial penalties and significant damage, not only to customer relationships, but also to a company’s reputation.

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Data Protection for pharma and research

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Particularly in pharma industry, it is extremely important to keep an open mind and intensify the focus on sensitive data. Our specialized and experienced lawyers, data security consultants and certified data protection officers meet these diverse challenges with their many years of expertise and in-depth knowledge. Feel free to contact us.

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We help companies to meet their documentation requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We also help them to collect and evaluate data responsibly, for example for market research. We make sure that customer relationship management (CRM) systems are used in compliance with data protection requirements, and review the use of addresses by physicians and healthcare professionals (HCP). We also draw up international data protection agreements.

We also implement appropriate technical and organizational data security measures to ensure that personal data is adequately protected, for example in research. These include access restrictions (access management/deletion), but also the use of secure programs and appropriate hardware.

In the case of extensive use of special types of personal data, we also conduct a data protection impact assessment in accordance with Article 35 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with a structured risk analysis afterwards.

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Whatever your data protection questions, worries or concerns, if you’re in the pharma and research branch we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team of experienced lawyers and data protection experts for a personalised, future proof solution to your company’s data protection needs. Request a no obligation, free consultation to see how we can help.

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Data Protection

Our Lawyers act as External Data Protection Officers (DPO) for small and medium-sized companies, associations, institutions and international corporations.

Data Protection

Working alonside a DPO, our Data Protection Managers help to implement data protection guidelines and ensures orderly and up to date documentation of your GDPR compliance.

Data Protection

Regular data protection audits ensure that your business continues to process and store personal data in a manner that’s compliant with ever changing data protection laws.

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