Alexander Fallenstein

Attorney at Law (Germany)
Alexander Fallenstein works as a lawyer and certified data protection officer. For many years, he has primarily advised clients from the cloud and IT industry (including hosting and SaaS providers), as well as from the mobility and media sectors.
Alexander Fallenstein

Education & Career

As a long-standing employee of KINAST Attorneys at Law, Alexander has in-depth knowledge of, among other things, data protection in the social media environment and on websites. As part of his project-related consulting with clients, he deals, for example, with the implementation of new products, the creation of procedure directories, or the creation and updating of data protection declarations. In doing so, he always succeeds in bringing together the various interests of the client’s departments and relevant persons and in raising awareness for the topic of „data protection“ in general.

In the context of project work and day-to-day business, Alexander’s tech-savvy and curious nature has helped him to develop target orientated solutions for, and with, his clients. He completed his legal training at the University of Cologne and progressed to be a trainee lawyer at the „Stabsstelle Digitalisierung“ of the City of Cologne, among others. He is also co-author of a leading handbook on antitrust law.




Our clients appreciate Alexander as a reliable and courteous advisor and for his pragmatic support as well as finding solutions at eye level. And above all: even in stressful or difficult situations, he doesn’t lose his sense of humor – „that makes it much easier right away,“ as he says.





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In fact, there’s whole team of experienced lawyers and data protection experts ready to advise you on your international data protection issues.

Alexander Fallenstein

A native of Cologne, Alexander impresses with his open-minded and uncomplicated manner and his indestructible cheerful mood. He is very tech-savvy and curious - and, both professionally and privately, he loves to constantly think his way into new topics and projects and delve into every last detail.

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