Chantal Klauke

Head of Client support
Chantal Klauke heads our Client support department. She has many years of experience and in-depth knowledge, and acts at the interface between our management, legal and administration teams.
Chantal Klauke

Education & Career

As a trained specialist in human resources and accounting, Chantal is responsible, among other things, for the monitoring and implementation of human resources strategies. Chantal has contributed significantly to the development of our law firm and its management over the years. Her crowning achievment being the implementation of a company wide personnel management tool.

Chantal recognises the importance of sustainability in HR work and the effectiveness of initiated measures for the entire team. The further development of such measures, including advising managers with  regards to everyday ‚personnel‘ questions, are a further topic of her daily work. To Chantal, terms such as ‚Diversity & Inclusion‘, ‚New Work‘ and ‚Work and Family‘ also play an essential role in these day to day duties.

Furthermore, maintaining an active network in the HR community acts not only as an important exchange with other HR professionals. It also in allows Chantal to gain new perspectives and impulses in the field of HR.



Chantal‘s colleagues, our external service providers and our valued clients appreciate Chantal’s communicative, proactive and service-oriented manner. She benefits from the fact that she takes great pleasure in working in and with the team and can always be relied on to get things done.





Chantal is here to help

In fact, there’s whole team of experienced lawyers and data protection experts ready to advise you on your international data protection issues.

Chantal Klauke

The further development of not only specific departments, but also the indiduals within our organisation, is one of the most important focus areas for Chantal.

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