Denis Acar

Attorney at Law (Germany)
Denis Acar is attorney at law and certified data protection officer (TÜV) and advises domestic companies on all issues of national and international data protection law. He specifically serves companies from the software development and IT sectors, the hotel industry and industry, as well as numerous start-ups of all kinds.
Denis Acar

Education & Career

Born in Mainz, he found his adopted home in Cologne more than a decade ago and completed his law studies there with a focus on criminology. He successfully completed his subsequent legal clerkship in Aachen with the Second State Examination and was admitted to the bar just a few weeks later.

Denis worked for many years in a renowned legal-tech firm in Cologne in the areas of corporate and insolvency law. Upon his admission to the bar, he initially began working as a lawyer specializing in criminal and civil law before devoting himself fully to data protection law. Particularly during his time as a criminal defense attorney, he was able to gain important experience with regard to the spirited enforcement of the individual interests of his clientele.


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Denis Acar

In his free time, Denis particularly enjoys team sports. Soccer and backgammon are high on the list of sports that he's passionate about.

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