Jan Erik Hellmuth

Business Laywer
Jan Erik Hellmuth is a business lawyer and certified data protection officer. He has worked for many years in a varying fields of legal consultation, advising clients and companys of all sizes and from a wide range of industries, from startups to global corporations.
Jan Erik Hellmuth

Education & Career

A native of the German state of Hesse, Jan Erik studied business law in his native Kassel before moving to the Rhineland.

Based on academic work and many years of practical experiencee, Jan Erik has in-depth knowledge of all relevant outsourcing laws with regards to data processing. His main areas of practice include on-site audits at clients‘ premises, the accompaniment of comprehensive supervisory reviews (on-site) and, in general, the design of data protection organizations with regard to the manifold requirements of the GDPR.

As an „all-rounder“, he increasingly supports his team in advising corporate groups and corporations, e.g. from industry, but also technology-oriented companies or those from the finance, real estate or energy sectors, as well as in the area of public authorities. In addition to specific data protection law, his affinity for topics at the interface of business and law makes structural corporate compliance one of his specialties.



Our clients appreciate Jan Erik’s precise way of working, while at the same time taking a pragmatic approach where possible. As a long-time data protection expert in different perspectives and any consulting situation, he knows how to bring his experience and solution orientation to support the addressee-oriented consulting of our clients across different industries, legal requirements and experience levels.



Jan Erik is here to help

In fact, there’s a whole team of experienced lawyers and data protection experts ready to advise you on your international data protection issues.

Jan Erik Hellmuth

Jan Erik is well known for his calm personality and down-to-earth attitude. He also has a healthy ambition and a thirst for knowledge. His work has greatly benefited from the fact that his own personal background makes him feel at home in business and entrepreneurial contexts. He also has a lot of enthusiasm for team sports.

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