Joseph Op de Hipt

Research Associate
Joseph Op de Hipt is a research associate at our law firm. In Laura Graßie’s team, he has specialized over time in the area of health and university data protection, among others, and has knowledge of international and European law.
Joseph Op de Hipt

Education & Career

Growing up in Bonn, Joseph went through several stays abroad after his education. These stays were partly due to professional reasons and partly to his affinity for long-distance travel. His professional experiences on the African continent especially gave Joseph the ability to quickly adapt to foreign environments and to helped him develope a healthy curiosity to solving unfamiliar problems and challenges. It was here that Joseph worked as part of a project supporting the African Union at the African Court on Human and Peoples‘ Rights in Arusha, Tanzania.

Today, has extensive experience in the organization and implementation of data protection-compliant university projects and audits as well as the preparation of data protection reports and supports the team with his research work across all mandates.

Joseph is currently studying at the University of Cologne with a focus on international and European law. He has been working at KINAST since 2020 and, in this time, has already become one of our most prized data protection specialists. His knowledge of international legal areas and structures, largely acquired through his studies and overseas professional experience, has proved to be a key factor to his success.


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Joseph Op de Hipt

The fact that Joseph comes from a large family explains his soft spot for social gatherings. Whether privately or professionally, the joys of making contact with people, combined with open and friendly communication has been deeply embedded in his character since birth.

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