Sonia Bolte

Graduate Lawyer
Sonia Bolte is a certified Data Protection Officer (TÜV) and research assistant and supports large corporations in the area of corporate data protection. Another area of specialization is the privacy-compliant design of websites and apps, as well as the preparation of the associated privacy statements.
Sonia Bolte

Education & Career

She first graduated from the University of Cologne with a bachelor’s degree in European legal linguistics and then studied law with a focus on international and European law. In addition to her legal and linguistic education, she has gained many years of professional experience in the field of team and organizational management, which she now brings to bear in the team-internal cooperation at KINAST.



In her client work, Sonia excels in her ability to quickly change perspectives and thereby understand the needs of her clients. She maintains a positive attitude at all times and is keen to help in any situation through friendly interaction and efficient work.





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