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Whatever your area of expertise, you will find a range of career opportunities at KINAST. We’re proud of our approachable, friendly and team-based way of working. Highly professional and self-assured, our people are more than happy to share their expertise and knowledge in data protection law.

Legal internship opportunites - Data Protection Law
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Why Kinast?

Hundreds of companies – in every industry, of every size and spanning the globe – rely on KINAST and our data protection specialists for tackling and solving complex data protection challenges. That’s probably why we remain one of the biggest and fastest growing legal practices in Germany, specialising solely in in data protection, data security and compliance. But we’re not done.

We are continually expanding our client portfolio and legal projects, both nationally and internationally. And we’re looking for people like you. We want your inspiration, ideas and expertise to help drive our company further. As we continue to grow, so too will you. Not only benefiting from our extensive knoweldge, but also growing as an integral part of a team and being encouraged to do the best work of your career.


We at KINAST attach great importance to the satisfaction of our employees. By means of individual promotion, a constant close exchange and many other measures, we always do our best to strengthen the relationship with our employees individually.

The fact that these measures are reflected in the satisfaction of our employees can be easily seen from the awards we have received. Kununu reflects the direct and unfiltered opinions of our employees. We are therefore all the more pleased to have achieved this score.

At Iurratio, we were not only recognized as one of the top locations in Cologne with regard to our trainee management, but also received an award as a top law boutique.

Data Protection

Great people deserve great opportunites

KINAST people are known for their expertise in data protection and privacy law, and we employ some of the most highly skilled lawyers in the data protection branch.

We value our employees highly and provide them with excellent training and development opportunities. In addition, we offer a friendly and supportive working environment, as well as competitive salaries and benefits. We are also constantly expanding our businesses, which means that there are always new challenges and opportunities to pursue.

European Workation?

We now offer the opportuntiy of working from anywhere in Europe for a limited time before or after your vacation! For example: travel to Italy a week before your holiday, work on location for the first week, then glide effortlessly into your two week summer vacation directly afterwards.

Not just work

Investing in team happiness with social events

We believe that a company with a positive and active social culture gives employees a stronger sense of identity and belonging. This makes the workplace more enjoyable and also increases productivity, teamwork, and general happiness. We pride ourselves in investing in our team’s happiness by holding regular social events, such as our yearly Family Summer Fest, the Cologne Business Run, the legendary ‚Christmas Bash‘ or our festive celebrations in the new year.

Chantal Klauke

Chantal Klauke

Head of Human Resources

Chantal has been with KINAST for many years and heads our Human Resources department. Terms such as ‚Diversity & Inclusion‘, ‚New Work‘ and „Job & Family“ play an essential role in her day to day duties.

Individual focus on further training for individuals and departments plays an important role for Chantal. Not only her colleagues, but also our external service providers and clients appreciate her communicative, proactive and service-oriented manner. Chantal benefits from the fact that she takes great pleasure in working in and with the team and can really always be relied on to find ‚people-orientated‘ solutions.

Chantal's Highlights
Anais Kakrow

Anais Kakrow

Graduate Lawyer

Anais Kakrow works at KINAST as a qualified lawyer and certified data protection officer. She started her career at KINAST as a research assistant and later, as a qualified lawyer, moved on to client support.

She now assists our international team and clients with her in-depth knowledge in the context of international data protection, serving clients from the manufacturing industry and the energy sector. Her specialist areas also include data protection in the areas of employees/applicants, websites and marketing.

Anais' Highlights
Max Sion

Max F. Sion

Attorney at Law (Germany)

Max F. Sion is a lawyer and certified data protection officer in our Cologne team. He primarily advises globally active clients from the retail, manufacturing and energy sectors. Regular activities include onsite client audits, designing data protection strategies, and assisting clients with challenges arising from day-to-day business operations.

Max particulary appreciates the variety of data protection law issues that arise when dealing with international clients. This, among other things, makes his day-to-day work varied and enjoyable.

Max's Highlights
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How to join us

Our application process

Our job application process is an important first step to becoming a part of the KINAST family. It allows us to find the best candidates for the job, and ensures that everyone who applies has an equal chance to be considered for the position.


Please send any applications directly via our job portal. By clicking on the relevant job you will be automatically redirected to the correct page.


After sending your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us. After that, we carefully review each application received and make a preselection.


If we invite you to an interview, congratulations. This appointment is about us getting to know you and you getting to know us.

Current vacancies

Ready to work in data protection, data security and compliance? Our current vacancies are listed below. Please note, KINAST only accepts applications for open positions via our online application system. Once you click on ‚Apply now‘ you will be redirected to the relevant page to submit your application.

Administrative positions

Apprenticeship as business administrator for office management

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Legal-tech positions

Research Associate

Know How Management

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*By clicking on the buttons above you will be forwarded to our Human Resources Job Portal in another window.

Nothing for you?

How about an initiative application!

You’re welcome to send us a career application at any time. Simply click one of the links and apply via the career portal. If we don’t have a suitable position for you to fill, we’ll be happy to include you in our talent pool so that we can approach you again at a later date.


KINAST Attorneys at Law


KINAST Attorney Services


KINAST Innovations

Data Protection
Legal Consultation - International Data Protection Law


In general, if the job is here on this page, we are still accepting applications. Sometimes, however, our website updates can take a little longer than expected. If you are uncertain, please feel free to contact us.

The relevant documents for your application are listed in the actual job listing on our career portal. We do however ask that all requested documents are included togther in one file, preferably a PDF.

This very rarely happens. Nevertheless, we do recognise that technical errors can sometimes occur. If for any reason your application does not go through, please try to reload the page in your browser and try again. If the issue still occurs, or even if you have other issues during the application process, please contact us directly and speak to our personel department. They’re ready to help and can assure a speedy and painless application process.

We included information above about how the application process works. Generally, your resume and accompanying documentation will be processed by our personel department and forwarded to the relevant director and/or team leader. Please be patient during this time. Depending on the number of applications we receive, the sorting process can take some time. We take the time to review every resume in detail, giving every applicant an equal and fair chance of being invited to an interview. Once we have a shortlist, our personel department will contact candidates individually to arrange a convienient interview appointment. From this point on, it’s all down to you to shine and leave a positive impression during the interview.

  • Inform yourself of public transport connections ahead of time if you plan to arrive via train or bus. This will allow you to plan your arrival and avoid arriving late to your interview. If you plan to arrive with your own car, take the time to find parking possibilites near to our offices.
  • Take the time to look through our website and understand who we are and what we do. Inform yourself about KINAST in advance.
  • Identify your goals and skills: Why do you want this job? What skills do you bring with you to KINAST.
  • Don’t forget – it’s also your opportunity to interview us! Think of any questions you might have before you arrive.
  • Practice your interviewing skills with a friend or family member.
  • lastly, and most importantly. Relax. Don’t get stressed on the day of your interview. Plan in advance and BE YOURSELF!

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