Data protection for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

The data protection challenges vary depending on the size of the company. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular regularly do not have the necessary personnel structure to deal fully with data protection. It is not uncommon for even the management to be entrusted with implementation. The abundance of tasks, especially against the backdrop of the strict data protection requirements in Germany, often means that SMEs can only inadequately fulfill data protection.

In practice, various approaches to solving this problem compete with each other. However, it can sometimes be seen that the solutions for meeting the legal requirements are inadequate. In addition, some solutions are so comprehensive that they cannot be applied in practice.
Customized solution for SMEs

Based on this, it is necessary that data protection is introduced and lived according to the requirements within an SME. In this respect, the core of an implemented data protection model is a resource-saving and efficient approach. This is the only way to minimize the impact on the core business. In addition, data protection issues must be as easy to handle as possible and the handling process must be intuitive for the workforce.
Draw on our experience

However, the concrete data protection concept can only be modeled on the basis of the individual case and with recourse to the experience of the lawyer. In other words, knowledge of data protection norms is essential for choosing the most efficient measure and its implementation. Take advantage of our experience, which we have also gained in the support of countless SMEs.

Within the scope of our SME consulting, we make use of various questionnaires, guidelines and instructions for action. Whether it is about your website, your employees or dealing with customers. For all these topics we offer a simple, inexpensive and fast way of implementation. We always pay attention to the resources in your company and work as efficiently as possible. In addition, we are also happy to provide the external data protection officer in your company and take care of all your questions on an ongoing basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Data protection handbook for SMEs

In our „Practical Handbook on Data Protection for SMEs: Step by Step to Meaningful GDPR Compliance“, the basics of data protection in Austria and Germany are explained in a practical and understandable way for SMEs, and many open questions are answered. Our practical handbook guides the adaptation of processes and systems in the company in line with data protection requirements and provides practical tips, examples, samples and templates. Kinast/Stanonik, „Data Protection Handbook for SMEs: Step by Step to Meaningful Compliance with the GDPR“.

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