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What is 'whistleblowing'?

The KINAST Whistleblowing system is our solution for companies that want to provide a legally compliant reporting system in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act and use it to their own advantage.

Due to the EU Whistleblowing Directive and the Whistleblower Protection Act, many companies, organizations and authorities are obliged to provide a whistleblower system.

Anonymous. Secure. Compliant.

The KINAST whistleblower system is a platform for anonymous whistle-blowing and reporting of violations of law or internal regulations within your organization. The information can be securely delivered from any device the user has access to – desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Our system also offers a wide range of features that make whistleblowing more efficient and reliable for organizations, including an incident management process, secure data encryption and anonymous communication with whistle-blowers.

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KINAST Whistleblower System

Maximum security. Minimum effort.
150 mth starting price
  • Fully externally managed whistleblower system
  • Legal ombudsman as confidential contact person
  • 100% legal certainty (compliant with GDPR law)
  • No new structures and systems necessary
  • Minimal effort & relief of your resources
Full service

With our whistleblower hotline as a service, we support you in meeting all legal requirements quickly and easily and in exploiting the corporate benefits of a whistleblower system for yourself.

5 benefits of a whistleblower system for companies:

Tips can reveal grievances within the company, identify potential for improvement, and eliminate weaknesses and errors that would otherwise have gone undetected.

Thanks to whistleblower system reporting, companies can take early and proactive action to address violations and resolve them internally before they leak out and lead to negative press and social media coverage.

This damaging behavior can be uncovered or even prevented before it happens by providing the appropriate information.

A whistleblower system can prevent or reduce fines or legal costs, as well as share price losses or sales losses, if applicable.

A whistleblowing system as a compliance element strengthens the integrity of the company and thus the trust of employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders - and increases the attractiveness of the company for business customers, partners, investors, banks, etc.

The posibility for reporting internal discrepancies is a new aspect of a modern corporate culture – and is no longer to be understood as denunciation, but as positive cooperation.

Change to a new corporate culture and awareness

Regardless of any legal obligation, this compliance tool has benefits that should not be underestimated, so companies have a vested interest in ensuring that internal notices can reach them by:

As an essential element of whistleblower protection, companies shall also ensure, in accordance with the Directive, that whistleblowers are not threatened with reprisals or other negative consequences. On the contrary, whistleblowers should be encouraged and even incentivized.

The companies thus expressly welcome the commitment of their employees to actively participate in improving processes and uncovering blind spots or unethical and damaging behavior.

With the KINAST whistleblower system, you meet all legal requirements and provide an effective reporting system that inspires confidence and is reliably managed.

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Our service to you

The advantages of our whistleblower system as an "external service".

We provide you with the complete technical and legal implementation, i.e. set-up and operation of the whistleblowing system. And we support you in communicating the whistleblowing system within your organization.

We confidentially receive the tips for you, filter and evaluate them in terms of content and law, and check them for plausibility. Only then do we report to the contact persons in your company and advise on how to proceed. Your internal resources are spared to the maximum. Conflicts of interest are avoided.

There is no need for regular training of internally responsible employees, for safeguards against unauthorized access to reports, etc.. You do not need to create new systems and structures within the company. We offer you an external, fully managed service.

We handle everything, you have minimal effort in case of a justified report.

Through the Kinast reporting system, your employees and stakeholders have the assurance that they can report misconduct within the company in a secure and confidential manner.

As an independent ombudsperson, we have a natural distance from the company, and conflicts of interest are avoided from the outset. We provide impartial advice to both sides of the dispute and work toward a resolution. As professional secrecy holders, we enjoy trust and act with the highest integrity and discretion. Whistleblowers can be assured that their information will reach the organization, but that their own identity will be preserved if desired, as required by the Whistleblower Directive.

Reports are processed and documented in a legally and factually correct manner that complies with data protection regulations. You enjoy the highest level of legal security.

Using the KINAST whistleblower system ensures that reports are responded to in a legally compliant, timely and appropriate manner and that they are processed effectively and in a qualified manner.

If reports simply "fizzle out", this is demotivating for whistleblowers and then external channels are used again. Whistleblowers must be able to trust the internal reporting channels in terms of security AND effectiveness. With an experienced lawyer as the responsible contact person for your stakeholders, who handles whistleblowing with the professional duty of confidentiality, expertise, objectivity and integrity, this is given to the highest degree.

We ensure whistleblowers the greatest possible protection in a safe, trusting environment.

Depending on the size of your company, you can obtain the whistleblower system we manage for a fixed flat rate of €150/month (plus 19% VAT). We will gladly send you an individual offer.

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