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Ensuring cross-border data protection and international compliance

Based in Germany, the birthplace of data protection law, KINAST is an award winning legal practice, leading the industry with over 15 years of experience in international data protection law, data compliance and data security.
Our experienced teams of international data protection lawyers and data protection officers support high growth businesses and global enterprises with streamlined legal, tech and GDPR compliant solutions.
KINAST - International Data Protection Lawysers

15+ years

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in data protection

Award winning

legal practice in Germany


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International Data Protection Lawyers
KINAST Attorneys at Law

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Branch specific teams can can jump on board at every stage of your company’s data protection journey. We adapt to your needs, your industry and your people and help you to facilitate a personalised data protection plan, from strategic consultation through to full implementation.

We are


Our diverse team of Attorneys and Data Protections Officers is focussed solely on the field of data protection law. For 15 years, we have led the way, with industry expertise. Our proven experience and knowledge of all branches ensures worry free ‚first time‘ compliance.

We are


We are law firm who takes our work in data protection seriously. Our systematic approach ensures that we can provide efficient and effective services to our clients, regardless of your data protection needs or the branch that you opperate in.

15 years in data protection law

We understand your industry

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for international data protection. Each industry is different and so are the needs of our clients. That’s why our solutions are individually crafted for your business, helping you to streamline and simplify your cross-border data flow. For now and the future.

Trust is everything

Our law firm is trusted by numerous organisations from around the world.

Popular international data protection services

Data Protection

Our international Data Protection Lawyers act as External Data Protection Officers (DPO) for small to medium-sized companies, associations, institutions and international corporations.

Data Protection

Working alonside a DPO, our Data Protection Managers help to implement data protection guidelines and ensures orderly and up to date documentation of your GDPR compliance.

Data Protection

Regular data protection audits ensure that your business continues to process and store personal data in a manner that’s compliant with ever changing data protection laws.

Not just consulting

We also have spezialised teams that fully integrate with your own data protection team, helping you to reduce workload, streamline your processes and balance risk.

If necessary, our international data protection lawyers and data protection officers are available on location, and can assist your own team in managing legal risk and creating future-proof data management solutions. We represent your best interests in all aspects of European privacy and data protection law, from the heart of your own business.

Corporate Data Protection Lawyers at KINAST
International Data Protection Lawyers


legal & data protection experts

Not only do we have excellent Data Protection Officers, but the majority of our team are also experienced attorneys at law. Our consultancy services not only cover the fields of law adjacent to data protection in general (eg. IT-law and employment law), but also the fields of law that are relevant to your own business.

Germany. Europe. Worldwide.

Leading the international data protection industry

Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a small to medium sized enterprise or tech-savvy business startup – regardless of you standing on the global playing field, we can help you with creative problem solving. And what’s more, we’re ranked among Germany’s top 5 Data Protection law firms.

International Data Protection Lawyers

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