Anna Maria Miklaszewska

Research Associate



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Anna Maria Miklaszewska is a research associate at KINAST Attorneys at Law (Germany). She is a member of our international team and provides support in advising companies, especially in the industrial sector, on data protection law.
Anna Maria Miklaszewska

Education & Career

Anna Maria has already worked in a law firm specializing in labor and social security law as well as in an internationally operating law firm in the field of business and labor law. During this time, she gained extensive knowledge and experience which is beneficial for the day-to-day advice and support of clients, as well as the implementation of legal expertise into goal-oriented solutions. In the course of her work in these areas, she contributed to publications as a co-author and has already had the opportunity to write her own articles




Anna Maria supports her colleagues with great commitment and reliable work, even in difficult situations and during heavy workloads – she attaches particular importance to good cooperation.

In the scope of her work for KINAST clients, Anna Maria participates in various projects that enable her to consolidate her knowledge and expand her legal expertise. Clients appreciate her courteous manner, quick grasp of problems, as well as systematic thinking and diligence in developing practical solutions.

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In fact, there’s whole team of experienced lawyers and data protection experts ready to advise you on your international data protection issues.

Anna Maria Miklaszewska

As a native of Poland, Anna Maria is currently completing her law studies at the University of Cologne. She supports her legal colleagues with unquestionable dedication and reliable work, even in difficult situations and during heavy workloads.

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