Sonja Becker

Human Resources
Sonja Becker works as a personnel officer for KINAST Lawyer Services and takes care of all aspects of personnel administration and development. She accompanies her colleagues throughout the entire „employee lifecycle“, including the onboarding process.
Sonja Becker

Education & Career

Sonja has several years of experience within personnel administration, from a well known french textile company to a medium sized management consulting firm.

As an all-rounder in personnel management, Sonja always answers all relevant personnel questions in a helpful and friendly manner on a daily basis and also handles operational and a wide range of administrative tasks. In doing so, her colleagues are always at the center of her work.

Furthermore, Sonja drives growth for our personnel, encouraging the further development of our talent and also maintaining a supportive work environment with new ideas. In doing so, she draws on her deep understanding and expertise in HR and brings a high level of empathy and understanding to the table. 



To ensure good coordination and execution of the tasks at hand requires collaboration with many areas of our organisation. Sonja’s strong communication skills and her open and positive manner are particularly helpful in this regard.



Sonja is here to help

In fact, there’s a whole team of experienced lawyers and data protection experts ready to advise you on your international data protection issues.

Sonja Becker

Her colleagues being the main focus of her work, Sonja is always there to answer all personnel questions that arise. She achieves this on a daily basis in a very helpful and friendly manner. She also handles numerous operational and administrative tasks.

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