Filiz Gürsoy

Business Laywer
Filiz Gürsoy is a business lawyer, certified data protection officer and a certified compliance officer (TÜV) . She works for KINAST in a diversified field consisting of clients from a wide range of industries, such as banks, FinTech companies and church institutions.
Filiz Guersoy

Education & Career

Filiz studied Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws with a focus on corporate law at the University of Siegen. She completed internships at a bank in Leeds, England and at a law firm in London. During her master studies she represented her university in New York in a project team and already there she experienced that cooperation and exchange in a team are the basic requirements for success.

She supports in advising large companies as well as NGOs and start-ups. Her focus on the Austrian and German markets. In her previous employment at a large German law firm, she assisted in the implementation of internal data protection management systems and gained practical knowledge in the areas of compliance as well as M&A, also benefiting from the knowledge she gained from her business law studies. In addition to providing support in client consulting and data protection audits, her strengths include conducting data protection training courses.



Our clients appreciate Filiz for her reliable and mandate-oriented advice. In addition, in her role as external data protection officer, she attaches great importance to providing targeted, serious, specialist and solution-oriented advice.





Filiz is here to help

In fact, there’s a whole team of experienced lawyers and data protection experts ready to advise you on your international data protection issues.

Filiz Guersoy

By working in an international environment, Filiz has gained extensive experience in various fields, which enables her to take a confident and practical approach in her current work.

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