Nardin Maarouf-Wasser

Research Associate
Nardin Maarouf-Wasser works as research associate at KINAST Attorneys at Law. In Laura Graßie’s team, she particularly handles mandates in the areas of university and health data protection.
Nardin Maarouf-Wasser

Education & Career

Nardin also regularly deals with internationally oriented issues for companies in data protection and media law. In numerous projects, she has already conducted audits or participated in the development of data protection concepts and concrete training preparations.

Due to her thoughtful and solution-oriented manner and her experience, spontaneous and urgent solutions to potential problems are not difficult for her. She finds the variety of case scenarios that arise in connection with companies in the field of future-oriented data protection law exciting.

As a result of her internationally oriented course of study, Nardin not only has in-depth knowledge of various areas of international law, but also alternative approaches and perspectives on legal and social problems.

Her university focus during her law studies in Bonn was in the field of international and European law of economic relations.

During her studies she already worked as a student assistant in a law firm in Bonn as well as in an association promoting equal opportunities for minorities. There she was mainly active as a project manager.



Nardin is particularly appreciated by clients and colleagues for her attentive and thoughtful approach in challenging constellations as well as her thorough consulting approach. Through extensive research, but also on the basis of practical experience, her recommendations guarantee a practical and comprehensible practicability, which is very important to her.






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Nardin Maarouf-Wasser

Nardin was born in Aachen, moved to Cologne when she was young and now lives in Bonn, where she also studied. As a healthy work balance, she enjoys spending her free time with her family in nature, doing sports and being the youth leader of a swimming and sports club.

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